Due to the success of "Scatman's World" in Japan, John was in demand throughout Japan. He as hired by Kanebo cosmetics to compose a song and appear in commercials. The result was "Su Su Su Super Kirei" Kirei is a Japanese word that translates into Beautiful. This was a Japanese only single, it appeared as a bonus track on the "Everybody Jam!" album and featured a music video.

Su Su Su Super Kirei Cover

Single Cover

Commercials 1 & 2 : The first featured a Japanese girl ushered onto a packed train face to face with a chap she loves, she worries about wether her make up is right. We cut to John on the train who lowers a paper and says something in Japanese. We cut back to the girl in front of a neon heart indicating her make up wasn't right and she didn't have the confidence to speak to the chap, then back to John who says something else in Japanese. The second commercial was almost identical except that this time the girls make up is correct and she stands triumphant in front of the neon heart.

Commercials 3 & 4 : Is set in a futuristic looking board room, an American woman on one side of the table is arguing with a Japanese woman. A giant screen opens up on the wall revealing John who speaks something in Japanese. Both women spin round to check their make up. The first time round the Japanese woman's make up doesn't seem to be right. We cut to John sitting outside the building as the woman approaches he says something else in Japanese. Commercial 4 is almost identical again although this time after they check their make up it cuts to a dark room, John stands between the women both of whom are wearing boxing gloves. The American woman is beating the floor while John holds up the Japanese woman's arm in triumph.

There was a music video made for this track, as far as I know the last Scatman video made. The video features a shortened version of the track. The video begins with John producing flowers from his sleeve like a magician with a delay filter on it, from then we see him dancing in a white room and riding a mini trike. The video mainly consists of John singing and dancing in a white room, a CGI Kitchen and an abandoned basement.

Track ListingsEdit

Su Su Su Super Kirei - Radio Edit

Su Su Su Super Kirei - All Night Long Mix

Su Su Su Super Kirei - Karaoke

Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop) - Extended Radio

Love Me Tender - LA Unplugged Mix Back Home