Ever since John appeared on the scene back in 1995 I've tried to get as much footage as I could from various sources. The majority of it comes from off air recordings back in the day, YouTube has been a big help too. I've collected all this for my own personal collection, it's not to sell and not to profit from. I'm not attempting to infringe on copyright because I'm not selling this, I include it on this Wiki simply so that people know what was out there. If I've missed anything then please do let me know, and if you can point me in its direction I'd be very grateful.

The quality of footage varies from clip to clip but it's all watchable. A lot of this stuff can be found on YouTube under Scatman, Scatman Live or Scatman Interviews or Scatman Japan etc.

Two things I've never been able to find (and missed on their original broadcast) are Johns Mtv Interview, I think this was over 10 mins long. And the DJ Hooligan Mix of Scatman's World. As far as I know there were no other music videos made after "Su Su Su Super Kirei" but if I'm wrong then please do let me know. I also believe there was a television commercial from Germany to promote the "Ichi Ni San...Go" single.

DVD FootageEdit

DVD 1Edit

Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop) Music Video

Scatman's World Music Video

Song Of Scatland Music Video

Everybody Jam! Music Video

Su Su Su Super Kirei Music Video

Route 66 Live Performance

Good Humour Man Ice Cream Ad (Scatman Parody)

Su Su Su Super Kirei Ad (4 versions)

Prin Pudding Ad (3 versions)

Scatman Live in Paris

Entertainment Now Scatman Interview

Scatman's World Live

Mtv Best Male 95 Interview

Scatman Live on RTL Music Show (German show)

Everybody Jam! Live on Top Music EX (Japanese show)

The Making Of Everybody Jam!

Beavis & Butthead Review Scatman

Scatman Live on Top Of The Pops

BASEketball scene F Scatman

Nothing To Lose scene F Scatman

Scatman Live on RTL Music Show (German show) Different to one above.

DVD 2Edit

JAM Documentary : German documentary about John and the release of Everybody Jam! (50 Mins)

Mtv Most Wanted Scatman Live

Mtv Most Wanted Scatman's World

Japanese Impersonation Show 1 : Scatman Impersonation : Scatman

Japanese Impersonation Show 2 : Scatman Impersonation then Duet with the real Scatman John

Japanese Impersonation Show 3 : Scatman Impersonation : Scatman/PriPri Scat

Japanese Impersonation Show 4 : Scatman Impersonation : Medley of songs for comedy effect

German feature on stuttering : Interview with John & Live performance of Everybody Jam!

Music Station (Japanese Music show) Interview with John & Live performance of Scatman & Everybody Jam!

Video Da Scatman


DVD 3Edit

Mark Oh : Scatman Music Video

Top Of The Pops Intro to Scatman / Top 10 Countdown with Scatman at No 3

Netherlands Broadband Ad F Scatman

Netherlands Broadband Ad 2 F Scatman

Japanese Live Performance of Scatman, PriPri Scat and Su Su Su Super Kirei

Scatman Interview

Scatman Live

Love Scenes From Planet Earth Trailer (F Scatmambo)

Scatman Live in Paris

Michi : All About The Girl Music Video (2010 song based on samples of Scatman)

Scatman's World Japanese Rock Band Cover

Pink V Scatman - There You Go Scatman

Major League 3 Clip F Mambo Jambo

Major League 3 Clip F Steal The Base Back Home