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This was the first single from John released after the "Everybody Jam!" album. The song, subtitled Patricia, is a variation on the Perez Prez Prado song of the same name. This song was used in the German film "Love Scenes From Planet Earth" or "Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit" to give it its German title. The song was used in the trailer for the film. It also turned out to be the first single from the "Take Your Time" album.

There was a Japanese Promo CD which includes the title as "Scatmanbo" rather than "Scatmambo". There was also a 2 Track promo CD released in a cardboard sleeve.

As far as I know there was no music video made for this song, probably owing to Johns poor health at the time.

European SingleEdit

Scatmambo - Commercial Radio Mix

Scatmambo - Punching Radio Mix

Scatmambo - Punching Dancehall Mix

Scatmambo - Havanna Extended Mix

Scatmambo - Latin Short Mix

Japanese Scatmanbo PromoEdit

Scatmanbo - Commercial Radio Mix

Scatmanbo - Puching Radio Mix

2 Track Promo CDEdit

Scatmambo - Commercial Radio Mix

Scatmambo - Havanna Extended Mix Back Home

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